Who we are

The Northern Magic Fund for International Development is a group of concerned individuals who believe that the best approach to eliminating poverty is to provide free access to basic education. At the present time, our efforts are focused on the Kilifi district of Kenya, Africa.

Currently, the Kenyan government provides funds for elementary school operations, but not capital maintenance or improvements. Our school renovation projects are aimed at addressing this problem, but so far only 5 of the 200 elementary schools in Kilifi have been renovated.

The Kenyan government does not pay for high school, and only about 10% of elementary students can afford to continue their education. Therefore, most of our tuition support is at this education level.

Meet our Directors

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Herbert StuemerHerbert StuemerPresident – Director since 2003 Karen HooperKaren HooperVice President Director since 2002 Lutz TischendorfLutz TischendorfDirector since 2016