What we do

The Northern Magic Fund sponsors on average about 130 secondary school students in Kenya every year.

When Diane and Herbert Stuemer first visited a poor Kenyan mud house village in 2000 and discussed with the locals what was needed to improve the very difficult lives of Kenyans, Andrew Thuva, one of the villagers, said “I think it’s time we stakeholders understood that education is anathema to the continuation of poverty in Africa.” He explained that a secondary school education costs approximately $500 per year since most secondary schools are boarding schools in this rural district. With an average family income of only $500 per year, most families cannot afford to send their children to secondary school. Sadly, only about 10% of students who complete their primary education are fortunate enough to be able to attend secondary school. The situation for college and university is even worse.

In addition to the sponsored secondary school students, we currently sponsor 6 university students.